VIDEO: ¿Por qué me mudé a Madrid?

Hi guys! In today's video I make a small summary on why I moved to Madrid. Is in Spanish so I will list the main points of why I moved here:

1. I've never been to Europe before.
2. My favorite writers and poets are from Spain.
3. I love the accent.
4. I can't stay still. I need to be in constant change and evolution.
5. I wanted to be closer to other Europen countries to visit at some point.
6. I want to be more involved in the fashion industry.
7. I am doing a worshop on Fashion Events.
8. I want to experience the four seasons weather.
9. I want to learn about the culture and traditions here.
10. I want to experience, grow and learn as much as I can.

Have an amazing week everybody :)

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