VIDEO: ¿Como Edito mis Fotos? Apps que uso

Hi guys!!! Today's video is in Spanish due to lack of time but I wanted to give you a quick summary of the apps and programs where I edit my pictures.

For my blog pictures I use Camera Bag 2, you can find it in the App Store. I paid $19.99 about 2 years ago, not sure why it does not show on the app store now but make sure to check if you can download it online.

For my iPhone pictures I use:

VSCO - Great filters even though they are very few and you can also keep a gallery of your pictures like Instagram to save some memory on your phone.

After Light - So many filters it's crazy. They have a lot of variety and this is a great tool for landscape pictures.

A color Story - I am a perfect lightning obsessed. I always aim for great lighting this is a great app to get that effect in case you want your picture to be more clear and neat.

Touch Retouch - This app IS MAGIC. It erases/modifies little details on your pictures. A stain on your clothes? Something you didn't see when taking a picture? Is like a little photoshop magic.

I hope you liked it. Let me know the apps you use to edit your pictures and if possible, what would you like to see on my channel? I want to be more active on YouTube, HELP!! hahaha

Have a great weekend!

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