Which Apps Do I Use More?

As a blogger, social media is necessary to put yourself out there and well, these days having a phone is kind of necessary for most people. There are people who love to have a bunch of apps but use very few or maybe all of them, I like to have apps I use all the time and that serve a purpose. These are my most used apps:

Instagram – is my number one app (duh) I love being on instagram and I enjoy looking through my feed and finding new accounts to follow. I follow very few accounts but I like to be inspired and I actually like to see the posts of the people I follow. I don’t know how people who follow 1000 others can find all the posts; I follow for a reason and is because I feel inspired by whoever I am following.

Snapchat – I remember the first time I downloaded I ended up deleting it because I did not understand a thing (do not blame me I am sure I am not the only one). Then I went back on it and decided to give it a try, now I currently love it and enjoy it.

Twitter – I have been trying to be more engaged on twitter, you can actually get to know a lot of people there better than instagram and you get to socialize with them and find a lot people too.

Sweat with Kayla – I am currently working on my fitness lol. And you will never find a gym that would give you all the tools this program gives you for $20 a month.

Pinterest – pin pin pin. I am not very much on it but I do find a lot of useful things all the time. Is like another Google to me haha.

A color story – when it comes to editing pictures, I am more of a perfect lightning than perfect filter type of girl. I like apps you can play with the lightning and this one is amazing.

Layout – thankfully instagram came up with their own app to make collages because the rest that existed were not as good. I use it mostly for collages of my videos.

VSCO and afterlight – editing purposes.

Retouch – ok this app is pretty awesome. You know how sometimes you get the perfect shot except that someone ran to the picture at the moment you were taking it? Or there is a stain you did not see on your carpet? Well, this one is like a little Photoshop magic but way easier and faster. You can actually delete those little details to have the perfect picture.

Veditor – to crop my YouTube videos and put them on my phone.

Facebook – don’t really use it much but is there.

Vine – from time to time I log back in and laugh my butt off. Always one if my favorites.

Dubsmash – it’s awesome!

Uber – we all need it.

That’s pretty much it; I have like two games but don’t really play them. My battery dies because of instagram, snapchat and twitter always.

Which other apps do you have on your phone? Anything fun to try? Share below!

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