Sometimes life happens and there is nothing you can really do about it. Just try to go with the flow and find yourself again. I do not pretend to have my life figured out by now, who does at my age? but I did really think I had it all figured out and then, it happened. 
I never really felt like things could change so much in such a short period of time but they did. I have always been very centered, I know what I want and go for it. I have always known who I am or at least I thought so. The past couple of months have been really tough here, I have lost and have not been able to find myself again.
I went through a lot of changes and disappointments. Heartbreaks are hard to get over when you were so attached for so long,  specially if it was the first time. I do not want to talk in depth about this here but I will leave this link of a tumblr post I wrote a while back. Some things have changed now and I am back to living on my own and by myself, which is why I feel the need to dedicate more time to me.

I do not pretend to leave this space, at least not now. There's so much I still want to share but the main reason because I won't update as often as I would like to is because of time. The holidays are around the corner and I work in retail, that means no vacations for me or much time off. I honestly love my job so much, is fun, colorful, happy and it makes want to go out there and be more me, more adventurous; to dream and to do more things I did not think of before. 

Next year I am moving (again) to another country. Even though I have loved living in the US it can get very expensive and frustrating, and I really love changes and starting from zero. At the beginning is hard as everything but, at the end it all works out the way is supposed to. Time, changes and adjustments are the reason why I might be a little away from the blog and even social media. I want some me time, I want to do things I did not think about doing before, going places I have always wanted to go, go out dancing, karaoke, anything. I want to experience the time I have left here in the US as much as I can because this year really taught me the hard way that life changes within seconds, and you can't get time back.

I am not leaving for good I promise, I still want to update my instagram and be around snapchat from time to time. I might post here once or twice a month or maybe even more. I really want to thank to everyone who has taken the time to scroll around this space that is so dear to me. I hope I can be back soon and I hope in any way this post helps/inspire you to do and dedicate to whatever you have been wanting to and you haven't for some reason. 

The time is now :)

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