I think you guys know by now I am OBSESSED with lips. I just think they are so feminine, sexy and provocative but depending on how you dress it up or down it could also look cute, mysterious and romantic. So, how about customizing the lips tee that you want with the color you feel like it? Or how about a pineapple tee? Or a palm tree tee? Best thing: price.
I wanted to let you know about pretty much the coolest site to customize your clothing, hats, bags, underwear and yes, converse!! What do you think about having lips all over your converse? I am dying to get them. What I love about the site is that it gives you options on the color of your tee and then it lets you choose the color of the graphic, you can change it, mix it up, match it or just leave as it is, because is so stinking cute!!!
Another super pro of this website is the price, is so fairly cheap to get this original and customize pieces you can’t say no. And for that I am going to be super awesome to give 10% discount off your purchase because, why not? Use code SoulOfAFashionista10
Of course I had to get a lips tee, and I customized it to be pink so I could match with my super cute mini bag that I am obsessed with and because I am feeling the pinkness lately. Maybe thanks to Anna Kendrick on the latest kate spade video lol.

You can go checkout the website and their instagram that is also pretty cool and they have the cutest pictures. If you get something let me know, I love to see how people customize their pieces.

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Creo que saben que estoy obsesionada con estampados de labios. Me parece que son tan femeninos, sexys y provocativos pero, dependiendo como lo vistas también puede ser lindo, misterioso y romántico. Y que les parece personalizar la blusa de labios que quieren con el color que quieran? O una con frases? O quizá una de palmeras? Lo mejor: el precio!
Quería comentarles sobre básicamente un sitio demasiado cool con piezas aún más cool que además de todo las puedes personalizar con los colores que quieras. Puedes cambiar, mezclar, combinar o elegir una pieza como esta, es adorable!!!
Además los precios son súper accesibles, y como yo estoy obsesionada y se que ustedes también lo estarán pueden usar este código para tener 10% de descuento de su compra yayy!. El código es SoulOfAFashionista10
Yo personalicé la mia rosadita porque estoy obsesionada con el color últimamente. Pueden ir a chequear el website y ver su instagram que es bellisimo. Si compran algo dejenme saber porque me gusta ver como lo personalizan.

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