This look was first wore by my mannequin lol haha I was thinking of combinations and mixes and these two were just a complement to each other, I loved how it turned out so I couldn't wait to wear it.
I wore it to go to Lincoln Rd on a VERY HOT day, with my family that were visiting, my brother took me a few pictures of the outfits I wore during the week, I tried to teach him what I wanted but he tried to learn haha, but well for me, the important thing are the outfits and this one is just so me. 
Do you like the combo?

Este look lo uso primero mi maniquí jajaj, estaba mezclando y mezclando prendas y colores y estas dos piezas resultaron perfectas juntas, me encanto el resultado así que, no podía esperar para usarlo.
Use esto para ir a Lincoln Rd en un día MUY CALUROSO, mi familia estuvo de visita, así que, mi hermano me tomo fotos de algunos looks a lo largo de la semana, fue difícil que entendiera lo que quería con las fotos pero bueno, lo importante es que vea el outfit y este es demasiado yo.
Les gusta el combo?

F21 blouse, shorts & glasses
H&M necklace, flats & rings