I have talked to you about Efoxcity.com before and I am so happy to share some goodies they have. I have been virtually collaborating with them for a while. They sent me the cutest necklace that you will see soon on an outfit and I just love their website. It might take some time for you to get your shipment because how far they are but it is totally worth it, I swear. Plus you can't go wrong with prices starting at $3.99 :D

Let's start with the first great deal they have: 2013 Evening dresses online
If you have any event coming up either this year or next one I don't think you can beat the prices efoxcity.com has, plus they have thousands of options, colors, lengths, and you will definitely look like a red carpet star. From $49.99 and up.
One of my favorites evening dresses is definitely this one:

Now, let's talk about: 2013 Wedding dress
Are you getting married? Engaged? Thinking about it? Well you can check the options this website has for you, for VERY affordable prices, any style you like, a variety of colors and as cheap as 100$ for a dress. How good is that deal?
This is one of my favorites:

And by the way, most of their products are on sale so I will hurry if I was you :)

And last but not least: Sequins prom dress
Oh sequins, who doesn't love them? I have never been to a prom because is sort of a very american tradition so of course not all countries have that, but I have always imagined how my prom dress would be like and it will definitely have to be something like this:

A very classy but chic black dress.

Any of these or more can be yours, just go to www.efoxcity.com and enjoy you shopping experience!