Styling: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is basically the main reason why I love fashion, I have always loved her since Laguna Beach, she always seems to be a down to earth and realistic girl, which I think is why she is so successful. Her clothing line with Kohl's is absolutely AMAZING, I love her even more because she adds dots and bows to almost every piece on her collection, ah and LACE, I definitely identified myself with a lot of her clothing line, although for me is a little out of my budget cause is kind of expensive, her items are almost always on sale which I enjoy of course haha.

What do you think about LC? Do you like her style? :D

Lauren Conrad es basicamente la razón principal por la que amo la doa, siempre la he admirado desde laguna Beach, siempre me pareció una persona muy realista y con los pies bien puestos en tierra, por lo que pienso yo es que tiene tanto éxito. Su linea de ropa en Kohl's es simplemente ESPECTACULAR, la amo mucho mas porque siempre añade dots o lazos a sus piezas, ah y ENCAJE, definitivamente me identifico muchísimo con muchas de sus piezas, aunque si debo admitir que es un poco mas caro de lo que yo gastaría, sus piezas casi siempre están en oferta, así que por supuesto lo disfruto jaja.

¿Qué piensas de LC?¿Te gusta su estilo? :)


  1. Not a fan of her clothing style but definitely strong hair envy...she always has amazing hair!!

  2. She has a great sense of style, although I find her line at Kohl's hit or miss. I love her dresses, but won't shell out $60 for them (and by the time they're $20, they're sold out of my size).

    Kate @ A Journey in Style